We’re Not in Kansas Anymore, aka Hot Summer Fun at Six Flags New England, part 1 of 2


I went to Six Flags on Friday, 6/29, to see Karmin. I only expected to be photographing and talking with Amy and Nick, but I found a pleasant surprise in the form of three adorable guys from Kansas.


(Brandon is in the middle. Sadly, I can’t tell Andy and Alan apart. Sorry guys!)

Now, to be clear-when I say it was hot, I’m not kidding. It was 100 degrees and super humid. I felt like a swamp rat with a tangle of damp curls. Not the best look when there are cute boys around, but there wasn’t much I could do about it (there wasn’t even a mirror in the bathroom!). While I was making trips back and forth to the ice machine, I ran into management for The After Party. I admit it…I’d never heard of them. When he offered me the opportunity to chat with them, I absolutely took it. I always love to meet up and coming artists.

The first thing I can say about Andy, Alan and Brandon is that they are NOT your average “boy band”. They’re talented and they play instruments, which right off the bat gives them serious cred. Since every girl loves a musically inclined boy, 10 points to TAP. Their musical journey has it’s roots in real friendship, because they’re high school pals. After dabbling in different genres, they’ve settled on a cool, dare I say swaggy pop rock that I think suits them.Their music is young but not bubblegum, so it’s definitely got it’s place for fans of all ages.

For anyone who knows me, you can guess that my favorite part of this story is that they’re from Kansas. Given my unhealthy obsession with all things Wizard of Oz, I’m sold. Sadly, Kenny, their 4th was not with them that day, but I promise, next time we’ll talk to him, too. Being the nice guys that they are, they signed a poster for my 5 year old who couldn’t be there with me that night, which only made me swoon a little bit (okay, a lot).

Their new EP, appropriately titled “Kansas” drops on July 10. Their single “Waste the Day”, which has a fun summer anthem vibe, is available on iTunes. You DON’T want to miss them when they hit your city, so keep your eyes and ears open. They’ve got some tour dates lined up and I heard through the grapevine that they’re getting ready to announce new dates!

Be sure to check out their website http://theafterpartymusic.com and find them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/theafterpartymusic or Twitter @theafterparty.

And remember….


(yes, this sign lives in my house…haha!)


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