Big Time Rush, Mansfield 8/12/12


First of all, the interwebz clearly ate “Hot Summer Fun pt.2”. I’m going to need to remedy that. However…

While it’s still fresh, I want to talk about Big Time Rush. Because, really? What happened last night can’t be outdone, ever.

My daughter is 5. She is mad about BTR (especially Kendall!). She met them last summer at Six Flags and it was all done-she was smitten. I took her in March for her birthday and we did the meet & greet that day too (thanks to their management!!)

Fast forward to yesterday. I was able to get onto the guest list with the help of a good friend. We were allowed access to sound check and the meet & greet. As cool as that is, it was HOT out yesterday (there seems to be a theme. It’s either freezing or really hot at the shows I end up going to!) and we were at the venue from 3:30 until 10 pm. Phew! At 4, we were brought in for sound check. The guys-Carlos, Kendall, Logan and James, if you live under a rock-came out and promptly got the crowd going. They started off taking questions. People asked them about their new video game (they don’t know much yet! they did the voiceovers), their favorite colors (Carlos: purple, Logan: Red, James and Kendall like green) and if they could switch places, which band member would they be (don’t ask…lol). My little one got picked and she asked Kendall if he really has a pet pig. He does…well, his brother does. It weighs 20 lbs and is super cute, according to Mr. Schmidt. After several questions, the guys did a couple of acoustic songs and took more questions. Then, it was time for the pictures!

We were in the 12th row for the soundcheck, which strangely was where our seats were located for the show. They took people row by row and we got at the end of a very long line that wound around a corner and down a hill. It was hard to see what our ultimate destination was, because really, it was in the woods. As we got down to the bottom, there was a large white tent set up. The line was LONG, but it moved quickly, as most meet & greet lines sadly do. As we got closer, we were required to leave our purses on a table and get ready. We were quickly ushered to the guys and Carlos said “It’s good to see you guys! She’s gotten so big!”, which earned a HUGE grin from O, because really? Who doesn’t like being remembered. Carlos gave me a hug and O, of course went straight to Kendall. In previous pictures, Kendall has either picked her up for the picture or knelt beside her. For this one, he appeared to be either strangling her, or giving her the best bear hug ever. I’ll let you decide…


After the photo was taken, Kendall was stroking her hair saying how adorable she is and how he forgot how cute she was. It was all very sweet. There’s a LOT to be said for a group like BTR, with many teen aged and young adult female fans, when they’re so sweet to the littles.

After the M&G we had a couple of hours to kill. We ultimately went to our seats around 6:30.The show started at 7. The first act up was Rachel Crow. If you don’t know who she is, you should check her out. She was a contestant on X Factor and she’s super talented. We saw signs that she was going to be giving autographs at 7:30, so around 7:15, we wandered over to the area where the sign was posted. Just in time, I tell ya. JUST.IN.TIME. About 5 minutes later there were HUNDREDS of people in that area. I bought a picture of Rachel for $5, so that O would have something to get autographed. Our turn came and went quickly, but it was totally worth the wait, she’s a DOLL.

Because we went meet Rachel, we missed the first half of Cody Simpson’s set. We got to our seats toward the end, but he sounded good and had great dance moves. When he was finished, the stage crew went to work, changing everything, bringing out trampolines and the BTR countdown clock started.

The excitement was palpable….the clock started at 19:59. At 15 minutes, a cheer erupted. At 10 minutes, it got louder. At the 5 minute mark, it was starting to get uncomfortably loud….and by 2 minutes it was pandemonium. The guys came out with pyrotechnics and smoke….it was very dramatic and an awesome entrance. Now shame on me, I don’t have the set list, but I was so busy keeping my jumping 5 year old from falling off of her chair, I didn’t even get to take photos. The show was going really well. I thanked my lucky stars that my friend was with me, because at one point, I needed to use the little girl’s room. I went and when I came back, security WOULD NOT let me back to my seat. Apparently the guys were going to come off of the stage and go up and down the aisles.

I stood there for over 20 minutes. Nothing exciting happened. Then finally, I see security and Logan running up the aisle, followed by James. Apparently Carlos and Kendall went up the opposite side. There was a lot of panicked, screaming girls trying to get at them. I’ll let you guess how that went for them, haha. Finally, the guys came back around. Logan slapped me a high five on the way by and finally security let me back to my seat. Shortly after that was the moment that changed everything.

As many Rushers know, the guys like to serenade a special girl when they sing World Wide. I was determined-O was going to be the World Wide girl. As it turned out, they decided to each pick a girl last night. We weren’t too far from the stage so I grabbed O and made my way as close as I could get. I hoisted her up on my right shoulder (which I’m paying for today, OUCH!) and told her to wave her arms like a crazy person. It worked. As soon as Carlos spotted her, he said “That’s her…right there”. I brought her to the front and security lifted her over the barricade and onto the stage, where she was helped onto a stool by Mr. Pena himself. The guys introduced their picks one at a time. When it came to Carlos, he told everyone O’s name and that she’d been to several concerts. He said that she is “5 going on 26”. He asked her how she was feeling, to which she happily replied “good!”. He asked if she was nervous and she said NO. She wasn’t. I would have peed myself on stage in front of 12,000+ people, but my cool as a cuke 5 year old? Totally calm. They proceeded to sing World Wide. While the other guys held the hands of the gals they chose, or put an arm around them, Carlos was very sweet to O. He helped her wave her arm in the air, and she sang along with him. At one point in the video, you can even see him mouth “she’s so cute”.

I was, of course, right up front for this. I took this awesome shot of O and Carlos:Image

When the song ended, Carlos helped her down. Kendall came right over, hugged her and gave her a kiss on the cheek. It was all very sweet and totally magical for my little lady. After that, I admit, it was a blur. I was proud. I had been crying. I was excited. The show ended with a bang (literally) from the confetti cannons.

As we left, at least 60 people (no exaggeration!) recognized O. They congratulated her, high fived her, told her how jealous they were…and most of them told her she was the prettiest girl on the stage. She was on Cloud 9. I was so excited for her I didn’t even mind sitting in traffic for a while, haha. Once we got back to the hotel, it took her a while to come down from her BTR high and fall asleep.

This tour is amazingly fun. The stage set has trampolines (!) and lots of scaffolding. There are cool hydraulic lifts that “elevate” the guys (a little higher). The energy is fantastic, the interaction with the crowd is amazing. These are four geniunely NICE (*coughCUTEcough*) guys with a ton of talent. If BTR is coming to a city near you, GO. You won’t be disappointed.

You can check out tour dates, news and pics from the road here:

To buy Rachel Crow’s music or keep up with her, check her out at:

To check out what’s going on with Mr. Cody Simpson:


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