Hot enough to melt chocolate


Well guys, it appears that I’m missing some pretty spectacular action in good old Hershey Park.

I still maintain that I’m glad to be HERE and not THERE, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little sad about some of the amazing things happening. The one thing I’m not missing is the fact that it rained there yesterday. Somehow, New Kids on the Block always bring the rain (and thunder). Every event I can remember attending has had similarly gloomy weather. In fact, during the show at Fenway, it poured. I mean, so hard you couldn’t see through the rain. After the initial annoyance at having soaking wet denim clad legs, it actually ended up being EPIC. Totally a good time, only to culminate in half naked New Kids using the stage as a Slip n Slide.  *ahhhh  memories*  But, I digress…

Amongst the things I’ve missed thus far-apparently one Mr. Joey SexyAndHeKnowsIt McIntyre did a duet with Kelly Clarkson. I am so unhappy that I missed that. Really. They did “Don’t You Want to Stay”, which was amazing. There IS video on Youtube but I’d hate for it to be taken down because I posted it here….so I’ll let you find that one yourself. It’s worth finding-amazing.

Then, of course, the afterparty slash Donnie Wahlberg’s 43rd (or is it 40 for the 3rd time?) birthday party. Donnie’s parties are usually all the same. Huge crushing crowds of women clamoring for a hug, hoping to get into his VIP area. It’s pushy, agressive, squishy and HOT. None of that is fun, even for a second. The parties, however, do have their appeal. If you’re in the right place (or know the right people) it can be a lot of fun. Last night’s party featured DJ Pauly D. I can imagine the craziness that ensued….and while I wouldn’t have wanted to actually BE there, I still kind of wish that I was. One of those things that sounds better in theory than reality, and I speak from experience. Also, half naked Donnie. I have seen several photos floating around of said Wahlberg sans shirt…and maybe without undies, because his ‘mallow (he calls his butt the marshmallow lol) was peeking out the top, looking all fluffy like.

Today, I’m going to miss all the lip licking hotness that is LL Cool J. *sadface*

I gotta say, I hope everyone who IS there is having an amazing time. Maybe when those 5 Boston boys drop a new album I’ll hit up a another show.


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