She’s got a ticket to riiiiiide


Sorry for the delay everyone! I was sick as a dog and couldn’t form any type of coherent thought. I’m still a little under the weather, but it’s time to get this written!

On Sunday, I went to Six Flags New England for the KC 101 Ticket to Ride show. There were a ton of great acts: internet sweethearts Megan & Liz, Marina & the Diamonds, Brookline Drive, Hot Chelle Rae, Neon Trees and Cobra Starship. I was there specifically to cover Hot Chelle Rae, but was ready to enjoy the whole shebang. Unfortunately, I woke up feeling like I’d been hit by a Mack truck.

The gates were scheduled to open at 3, but I got to the park around noon. Why, you ask, would my zombified butt do this? Because The After Party was performing an acoustic set on a separate stage at 1. They were such sweet guys the first time around, I thought should check out their set. When I got there, they were hanging out at their merch table. We said hello and chit chatted a bit. I discovered that I still can’t tell the twinsies apart (sorry again!).  There were a ton of fan girls hanging around and a lot of them tried to chat me up. Apparently they thought I was important because of my big bad media pass. Sorry gals…I’m a nobody. A bunch of them wanted to know if I could get them “backstage” at the main event. Nope

A cute little story: one of the fans said “watch this, I’m going to embarrass myself”. She approached Alan and handed him her phone number….and then she SANG “Call Me Maybe” to him. Admittedly, she sounded pretty great and he seemed impressed. Totes adorbs! Wicked. Seriously. It seems like that inspired the other fans because not to long after I spotted a girl serenading Brandon too.

Their set was awesome. Brandon’s vocals are easy on the ears, and the 3 voices blend really well. They did a few original songs, then they did their cover of Katy Perry’s “Wide Awake”.  All in all, a really good set. I asked the guys if there was anything their fans should know and ladies, get ready….all 3 of them are SINGLE and ready to mingle. Too bad I’ve attained cougar status *pout* Look at these faces!

After their set, it was time to head down to the main stage. Once I got down there, I used my credentials to get into the VIP tent (and OUT of the sun!).  The rep for Hot Chelle Rae wasn’t around, so I got myself a drink and a snack and hunkered down. While I was sitting, I noticed Megan & Liz coming out of their trailer. I wandered over and said hello. There wasn’t a lot of time to talk but I did snap this pic (look at the SHOES!):

I sat back down and chatted with the folks from the radio station. I found out that Hot Chelle Rae was a little light that day-only Nash and Ryan were there! Apparently they were double booked, so they split up for the shows and were playing acoustic sets. I also learned that their meet and greet was about to start, so I wandered over to that area to peep the goings on. While I was talking with their crew, one of them suggested that I jump into a picture with Ryan and Nash, which I did without much arm twisting.

Right afterward, there was a meet and greet with Neon Trees and since I was right there, I stuck around. The picture hasn’t surfaced, but there is one in existance, haha.

Because I was feeling so unwell, I admit I wasn’t super aware of everything going on. I missed Brookline Drive, Megan & Liz and Marina & the Diamonds. I could definitely HEAR their sets and they sounded awesome…I just didn’t watch the performances. I needed to save my energy for Hot Chelle Rae. Luckily for me, they were the first of the headliners to perform. I made my way out to the photo area in front of the stage and got ready to shoot. I will say, the perspective is ridiculous. I was a good 15 feet below the stage shooting upward, so if the pics aren’t the best, that’s the reason.

Like I mentioned, the whole set was acoustic. The guys started with “I Like it Like That”, which really got the crowd moving. I was definitely singing along!

Up next, was “Honestly” and then “Emo”. The commentary before”Emo” was pretty funny. Ryan moved his hair forward and tried his best to look emo. I’d say he did ok between the hair and the uber tight jeans that he made fun of in the song.  Here’s his emo look:

Next up, was “Tonight, Tonight”. I was pretty excited to hear it, it’s a catchy tune. I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about an acoustic version, but it was really great. A lot of fun and the crowd seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Once the song was over, I made a hasty retreat. I was hot and feeling a bit dizzy so it was time for water. I sat for a bit and when the guys came off of the stage, I had a chance to chat with them for a moment. I let them know about the blog and we talked about another local upcoming show, at the Big E in West Springfield next month. Cobra Starship took the stage next, but it was time for me to go. I am sad that I missed their set and the Neon Trees, but I was starting to doubt my ability to get back to my car.

Check out the photo gallery for the rest of the pictures from their set.  All in  all, it was a pretty great show. I think I’m going to try to catch Hot Chelle Rae in completion at the Big E, because this was the first time I had seen them perform…but I don’t feel like I saw a whole show since they were missing their other half. I’ve gotta say, for having split ranks, they put on a pretty fun show.

To keep up with Hot Chelle Rae, check them here:

To see what The After Party is up to:


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