Concert day!


There’s a certain feeling I get when I wake up on a concert day, almost akin to a little kid on Christmas morning. There’s this overwhelming urge to hurry up and get ready and GO even at 8:00 am. I can barely contain my excitement. Much more so, when I’m going to be covering a pretty epic show like tonight.

I’m really excited about the venue. Tanglewood is a place of memory for me-of summers with my mom, picnicking on the lawn and drinking wine, listening to the iconic sounds of James Taylor. This was the first year I can remember that we didn’t go to see James and I’ve been feeling an empty spot, not just for Mr. Taylor but for my summer happy place. I’m sure we won’t miss James next year, but for now, I’ll be getting my Tanglewood fix.

I hope to have a lot of amazing-ness for you tomorrow! Stay tuned!


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