Andy Grammer and Train at Tanglewood, part 2


So to pick up where we left off…

We were still in Andy’s meet and greet when Train took to the stage. It’s standard that photogs get to shoot the first 3 songs and that’s IT. I could hear strains of “50 Ways to Say Goodbye” while we waited in line for Andy. The other 3 songs we missed were “This’ll Be My Year”, “If it’s Love” and “Meet Virginia”.

We walked into the shed (the covered part where the stage is at Tanglewood) after the beginning of “I Got You”. I went to the front of the stage hoping to be able to take some photos. Good news: the security guard was super nice and said she’d wondered where I was. Bad news: her supervisor said I couldn’t shoot because first 3 were over. Boo!

I did manage to sneak a few shots before I got the boot.

I started to head back to my seat, but I realized-there was another side I could try. I walked around the back and up the other side. The security guard up there knew me from the last set,  so I was hoping he’d let me take some pics. He told me, initially, that I couldn’t….but when I explained what had happened, he agreed to 3 songs. I made sure that the supervisor couldn’t see me and started taking pictures.

They did “Calling All Angels” and “Save Me, San Francisco” next. I started to head back to my seat, but Pat started looking for mermaids, so I knew I needed to stick around. I scooted into an aisle so that I wouldn’t get the axe and waited. A huge crowd came running toward the stage as “Mermaid” started. It was pretty cute with all the young gals on stage. There were a lot of little ones up there too, but they were hiding.

Up next was “Bruises”. On this tour Pat has been requesting that fans post YouTube videos of themselves singing the song. He picks someone to come to the concert and duet with him! Last night, he chose a girl named Maya Hill from Waltham, MA. You can see her entry here: . She came out on stage looking adorable in a pretty dress and pink cowboy boots. She didn’t seem nervous at all and she sounded GREAT! Fantastic job, Maya!

After that I figured I should head to my seat to avoid any trouble with security. I’m SO MAD at myself for that decision. The next song they did was “Marry Me” and a couple got engaged up near the front! I didn’t see any of it, sadly. They brought it up a notch with a Sly and the Family Stone cover of “Everyday People”. As much as I wanted to be there for the whole show, I knew what traffic was going to be like, so we decided to head out.While we made our pre-departure potty break, I heard “Hey, Soul Sister” start. That was my 2nd bad decision, because I was so excited to hear that song. While we walked to the car, we heard a cover of “We Are Young”.
This was my first time seeing Train live. They really put on a FANTASTIC show. Pat is entertaining and engaging. When fans ran up to the stage with paper or t shirts, he’d lean down and autograph them while he sang. Let’s not forget the black and white beach balls he threw out to the crowd-when they ended up back on stage, he’d sign them and throw them back out.  I’m definitely going to check Train out again next time they’re in town!  They’ve got a bunch of dates left on this tour, heading south before they head west.

Please be sure to check Facebook for the rest of the photos I shot during their set at


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