Big Time Rush, Cody Simpson and Leon Thomas in Hartford


Right off the bat: I FORGOT my camera last night!! I didn’t take any pics, but I have a good story. Read on!

Last night we made the blissfully short drive to Hartford to see O’s favorite guys. We had to get to the venue super early for sound check and meet and greet, so we left our house at 2:30. We rolled up right around 3 and got ourselves adorned with pretty teal wristbands. They took us in right around 4 and we sat down. Once the guys came out, they took a few questions and then sang a couple of songs, like last time. At one point, Carlos spotted Olivia and waved at her, which was super sweet. After that, we lined up and were taken to the meet and greet area (ok, writing this is like deja vu, haha!). It was really lovely out, but HOT in the sun. Thankfully, the way the line was we ended up in the shade the entire time. I want to say we waited about 35 minutes, but we were chit chatting with other folks in line so it went quickly. There were 3 girls in front of us who have done TWENTY Big Time Rush meet & greets. They’ve even gone to LA to the set of the show!! Being an NKOTB fan, I briefly felt like I was dealing  with Blockheads…it’s really all the same, just different fans. Rushers and Blockheads are similar and as we all know, boy band fans are loyal, true and a little crazy.

Finally we made it under the tent. When Carlos saw O he got a huge grin on his face. He said “It’s my World Wide girl!!” and held out his arms. O ran over and hugged him and was able to say thank you for bringing her on stage. Kendall then said “HEY! She’s mine!” and pulled her over for a hug. I think it’s humorous that these grown men are fighting over a 5 year old, but I find it totally adorable. Kendall picked her up so he could snuggle her for a minute and the photographer snapped the pic:

Because meet & greets happen so fast, there’s no time to chat. Carlos said they were glad we were there, Kendall give O a kiss on the cheek and we left. At that point we decided to grab some dinner. While we were walking away we noticed a few girls from O’s old dance class so we stopped to talk for a minute. As we started walking away, I heard someone call O’s name. I didn’t recognize the lady or her daughter, but when we stopped to talk, she said they recognized O from Mansfield. Apparently they’d been in the front row and I was standing next to the mom while O was on stage with Carlos. We talked for a minute and they told us that they had front row again (lucky!) and introduced themselves (Joann and Charlie). O and I went to grab some dinner and then we went off to our seats!

Our seats were supposed to be on the left side of the venue in the 9th row. I realized immediately that there was going to be a problem-we were in the middle of the row, and I’m having trouble with my legs since the Andy Grammer/Train show on Friday. Stupid quads and calves are KILLING me! I went to find the head usher and explained the situation. He said he could fix it…and BOY did he! He added 2 seats for us, at the end of the front row! We sat down and immediately the people behind us said “HEY! It’s the girl from Mansfield!”. I guess O is a famous Rusher now, because people recognize her all over. The lady said she had posted a video on YouTube of O being serenaded. Security mentioned that our seats might be an issue because the guys would be coming off the stage right there. I promised we’d get out of the way and they were ok with that.

Rachel Crow wasn’t there last night. I wasn’t sure who the opening act would be and then out walked Leon Thomas, who plays Andre on Victorious. Olivia almost bounced out of her seat she was so excited! After his set, he was signing autographs outside but I just couldn’t make myself walk that far on my poor legs. I saw Joann and Charlie on their way and they asked us to go but I told them I needed to sit. A few minutes later, the house lights dimmed and Cody Simpson came on. Now, I’ll admit-we’re not big Cody fans, but it’s not because he’s not talented. He is. He’s a great dancer, he has great stage presence and his songs are really catchy. This was the first time that we watched his entire set and I have to say, we really enjoyed it. About halfway through the set, I looked up and Charlie was standing in front of me. She’d gotten an autograph of Leon Thomas for O! Seriously? How sweet is that?! After his set, he threw a couple of guitar picks and Charlie picked one up and gave it to O. Very cool, thanks Charlie!

Next came the breakdown and setup on stage. One of BTR’s security guards had an issue with where we had been placed. He wanted us moved, he said we were in the way. Joann saw what was happening and came over. She said there was a seat next to them (also in the front row) that was empty. I asked security if we could share the seat and they said it was fine. Who really sits at a concert anyway? We sat down in the front row and the woman behind us said “Hey! We met at the Foxwoods show!” and the girl next to her said “I was in Mansfield, I remember your daughter!”. Rushers are obviously a tight knit group. It’s pretty neat to be noticed like that! I have to give props to the nice woman who said she’d posted the video-when I took O to the bathroom she followed me and told me that if we needed seats, there were 2 empty ones next to her in the 2nd row. I thanked her and let her know that we had a seat but if we needed to move again we’d come sit there.

The countdown clock was on. Just like before we went from a quiet excitement to a deafening roar as it got closer to 0:00. Finally the show started! It was crazy how quickly Kendall spotted O. During the first song, he waved to her. From there on, it became an every song event-either Carlos or Kendall would wave, wink, high five or point at O. Everyone around us noticed, even security. The security guard said at one point “WOW! they really like her, huh?”. Yeah. I think they do. I feel like a nut saying it, but I really think they genuinely like O. During “Boyfriend” they do a mashup with Justin Bieber’s song. During the song, Kendall pointed at O and leaned down and was singing to her. Very sweet!

They ran through the rest of the set and they got to their Beatles schtick. Kendall was standing on the stage right in front of me, so I took the opportunity that was being presented. I got his attention and held up my business card. He said “For me?”. I nodded so he leaned down…and he TOOK THE CARD! He had to hand it off to someone on the side of the stage, but I truly hope that he got it back. I’d love for him to read my blog, so my fingers are crossed. C’mon Kendall!

We don’t usually stay til the end, to avoid traffic…but last night we did. On our way out, we made a pit stop (potty break!) and I spotted a woman with a photo pass. I commented that I usually have one of those and we started talking. She is a freelance photographer in CT. I told her that I’m definitely NOT a pro, but that I usually take photos for my blog. She mentioned the possibility of collaborating with me and working shows together, so I gave her my card. That would be really interesting (and fun!), so maybe I’ll hear from her.

All in all, it was an amazing show. O had a blast, I feel like I made some meaningful connections and the boys were on point. Thanks again to BTR for making a 5 year old fan feel like the only girl in the room. See ya next tour!


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