Raise Your Glass!


Hello dear readers!

It’s been a few days since we’ve been together, but I’ve been a busy bee! Between school, work, and feeling like I had the plague I didn’t have time to write but I do have some exciting news now!

First of all, I must give props to O. She lost her first tooth today! I think we both cried…and everyone has been making jokes all day about how the Tooth Fairy is rich and talking about the going rate for teeth these days. I’ve been planning for this for a while…I bought O a sterling silver tooth bead for her Pandora bracelet and that, my friends, is what the tooth fairy is leaving for this most special first tooth. Here’s some photographic evidence of the missing tooth:

That was the 2nd exciting thing that I’ve had happen all day, though admittedly the most exciting. The first exciting  thing that happened this morning was that I won tickets to see P!nk!!!!!!!!! EEK! I was really worried about this show-I wanted to go so badly but I wasn’t sure that I could afford to buy tickets this week when they go on sale, so I’ve been stressing it. I saw on Facebook this morning that my local radio station (Mix 93.1) would be running a contest where you had to be the 9th caller in….then you had to identify the 3 songs they’d mashed together. I was lucky enough to get through and since I know my music, I definitely knew the 3 songs. My mom was super excited, since she is going to be my+1.

This weekend, I’ll hopefully be headed to Boston to a special invite only performance by Boston local, Louie Bello. If you’ve never heard about the Bello family, I am telling you now-you’re missing out. Look for more information about Lisa and Louie Bello in the upcoming week. I promised, they’re worth the wait!


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  1. Super congrats on winning P!nk tickets!!!!! And lucky you on going to Boston! That promises to be a fantastic show. Tell O congrats on losing her first tooth. Keep on doin what your doin. I love reading your blog and getting to live vicariously through your posts ❤

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