Noon, PUNK.


I’ve been seeing a lot about Justin Bieber’s stolen laptop and camera the last few days. While I’m not a natural born skeptic, I’m not sure what I think here. My spidey senses are tingling on this one, friends. It’s not crazy that he made public mention of the theft. I don’t blame him, I’d be upset if someone stole from me too and if I had a captive audience the way that he does, I’d probably mention it. Yesterday, I felt pretty awful for him when supposed naked pictures surfaced. Lots of people take naughty photos, so go judge someone else…but yours probably don’t make it into the public sector.  Anyway, I was feeling a lot of sympathy for the whole situation.

This morning, I woke up to a headline “What’s going to happen at noon??  I guess we’ll find out when Justin Bieber does”. Apparently, someone with the day old Twitter handle @gexwy is claiming responsibility for the theft. They’ve been posting little video clips to prove they have the items. Somehow, out of the 28 million plus Beliebers following him, he saw the tweets….and in one day. Girls have been trying to get his attention for YEARS and this person did it in 24 hours.

Justin tweeted “noon” last night, which is not only the time that @gexwy is threatening to out him, but it just happens to be when his new video for Beauty and the Beat, ft. Nicki Minaj, makes it’s debut.

So tell me, readers….publicity stunt or an actual crime? I’ll say this much-if any part of this is real, I hope they nail the responsible party’s parts to the wall. Justin seems like a really great kid, this isn’t cute.



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