Ok, ok….it’s true-there’s no good excuse for why I’ve been MIA for 3 weeks. I can, however, tell you that I have been working on a lot of cool stuff coming up!

This Saturday, Miss O and I will be headed to Boston to see Justin Bieber. We’ll be meeting him too, which we’re both pretty excited for. O has prepared by making earrings for both Selena Gomez and for Justin’s mom, Pattie. A true entrepreneur, my child. We’re hopeful that Carly Rae will still be with him for the Boston show, because she’s headed to Europe on the 11th for an awards show. Fingers crossed!!

After the Biebs, I’ve got B-Capp on the 18th. He’s performing at Mohegan Sun and I’ve yet to catch a full set from him. I’ve got to support the artists that my friends believe in, so I’m down. Newsflash, ladies….B-Capp, real name Brandon, is cuuuuuute. Just sayin’! From there, O and I are going to see One Direction again on 11/30. I’m headed to Wallingford on 12/8 for Andy Grammer/Train, part deux. In between all of that, if the performers tickle my fancy, I’ll be going to New York for the Rockefeller Center Tree Lighting and perhaps to Boston on 12/6 for the Jingleball, where Justin Bieber, Karmin and many others will be taking the stage.

I promise-no more hiding from me. Keep it tuned riiiight here.


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