Justin Bieber at TD Banknorth Garden, 11/10


I know you’ve all been waiting for this. I will tell you this-you’re not going to get my usual detailed breakdown on this one, just the facts, folks.

The fabulous Miss O and I made our way to Boston on 11/10 to FINALLY see the Biebs. We were supposed to pick up our meet and greet wristbands at Will Call at 4 pm. We rolled into town around 2:30….and we were FAR from the first people there. We made our way to the lobby and saw a pretty good sized crowd. Now I’m not a newbie here….but I figured I’d check to see if the wristbands or guest list were at Will Call yet. Of course, no such luck. Usually someone will say a certain time and you can count on it being at least an hour later and here I was over an hour EARLY. Silly rabbit. We started to talk to some ladies who had won a meet and greet from various radio stations and quickly realized that there were a LOT of people waiting for one woman to show up with their wristbands. The time passed rather quickly, since we made fast friends. While we waited, we looked at the signs, crazy outfits and even some costumes that people were wearing.

At EXACTLY 4pm, I checked Will Call…and SUCCESS! Two lovely hot pink wristbands emblazoned with JUSTIN BIEBER and a lovely heart were bestowed upon us, along with instructions on where to go for our meet and greet.  Like a herd of cattle, we, along with an unknown number of other fans, made our way to the designated spot, where we were instructed to wait against a wall, because the folks that paid an arm and a leg were going in first. We got at the end of a VERY long line and waited. We learned that we would be photographed in groups of 6, which was disappointing but understandable-there were a lot of people in line and there was a show to put on! Considering the number of people I expected the wait to be far longer, but as most of you know, a meet and greet lasts all of 30 seconds, so it went pretty quickly.

Saturday was a big news day in Bieber land. It was the day that everyone started talking about “THE BREAKUP”. I wondered if that would impact his performance, but being a consummate professional, I was betting against it. It did seem to impact his general mood, however. When it came our turn, we walked into the room. Justin was sort of in a daze, likely from meeting so many people & from the amount of attention that had been paid to his personal life all day. He snapped out of it and said hi to O. He put out a hand for a high five and then gave me a hug. I really felt for him-he never smiled except for the almost grimace in our picture. Suffice to say O did NOT give him the earrings she made for Selena, but did manage to give him the earrings she made for Pattie. He said thanks and we left. If I’m being 100% real, and you all know I’m NOTHING if not honest, the experience was disappointing. O waited a long time for that to happen and he couldn’t even eke out a grin. She was still pretty pumped up, but I was underwhelmed. Sorry, Beliebers, it is what it is. We’ve done our fair share of meet and greets and the one that was the biggest deal seems like it was the biggest let down. I can’t say I blame him for his state of mind-he’s young and love stinks sometimes….but ya know :/

That bit aside, on to the show! We had fantastic seats, about 15 rows up, stage left, right on the side. The show started with Justin attached to very large metal wings, flying out from the ceiling. The wings were made of guitar, cymbal and keyboard shapes. Pretty neat! I don’t have the setlist, but it was a really GREAT show that he put on. His choice of covers, Justin Timberlake’s “Cry Me a River”, was definitely confirmation of the reason for his demeanor. It was almost heartbreaking, but well done acoustically, with Dan Kanter sitting by his side.  He did a fun montage of songs from My World 2.0 and a lot of his new material. Toward the end of the show, he hadn’t yet gotten to “Boyfriend” or “Baby”, so it was clear those were going to be the encore songs. There were fireworks in the arena, which was fun to see also.


All in all, it was a really great show. Justin is on tour for most of the foreseeable future and will be back in Boston on December 8 for the Jingleball, with The Wanted, Train, Cher Lloyd, Karmin, Bridget Mendler, Ed Sheeran, Time Flies and Alex Clare rounding out the lineup. The show is SOLD OUT, but there are definitely tickets on the secondary market.


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